Most effective spending
model for your campaign

The revolutionary AceeX platform for sale and purchase of advertising space provides marketing companies on different
continents, using its own machine learning algorithms, as well as optimization tools to quickly reach the target
audience on different channels.

The main advantages
of AdTech for Advertisers
Formats and Type

We work with all format of traffic such as: Banner, Video, Native. You have specific type you want to run your ads, here in AceeX we have Mobile Web, Mobile-in-app and Desktop

Unique and best quality
traffic with active users

Nowadays great return on investment directly depends on user behavior/experience. AceeX traffic is oriented only on top publishers to deliver best results.

media solutions

Features that we foster, allow you to proceed with chain that brings conversions. Viewbility is the smallest part, we focus on performance as well.

Premium Service

Account Managers at your
disposal 24/7

Total traffic quality control

We use scanners and high quality traffic to secure the advertisers

Top publishers

Global reach to the most visited publishers

Big Data

Internal DMP that allows you to target audience precisely


Smart machine learning to deliver clicks and conversions

High Viewbility

More than 70% of ads are viewed by our users

Why is AceeX chosen by the advertisers?

AceeX innovative platform is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates benefits of robust programmatic
media-selling. Being an early adopter of advanced technologies, AceeX provides high-performance media solutions for
publishers who strive for profitable, measureable, and easy-to understand advertising ecosystem.