Cross-functional platform that monetizes all
types of publisher inventory in real-time

AceeX publisher-focused solution selects only those types of targeted ads that bring
publishers highest incomes along with seamless, non-intrusive user experience.

Innovators in serving Audio Content

Here in AceeX we came up with brand new solution, Rewarded Audio. No longer force your users to watch
video to get a reward. Let them listen and navigate the game without distraction. Avoid ad blockers, achieve
higher in-app retention and better yield from advertising.

Monetization at its Best
Proprietary technology that automates 100% of workflow, impactful ad formats, and access to the top-notch global advertisers, result in high CPM’s and unparalleled fill rates.
Private Market Deals
Real-time bidding allows selling all of your traffic without remnants. What about your exclusive inventory and advertisers who seek specifically for it? For this, AceeX has a private market deals, where inventory can be sold directly to advertiser at fixed CPM.
  • Maximum Revenue
  • Easy process of integrating
  • Word knows brands
  • Highest CPM
  • 24/7 online support
Why do successful
Publishers choose AceeX?

AceeX innovative platform is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates benefits of robust programmatic
media-selling. Being an early adopter of advanced technologies, AceeX provides high-performance media solutions
for publishers who strive for profitable, measureable, and easy-to understand advertising ecosystem.

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