AceEx Proprietary
Programmatic AudioTechnology

Let positive emotions evoked by music work side by side with your brand’s voice. AceEx
Proprietary Programmatic Audio Technology syncs the power of sound with programmatic
efficiency to give your brand outstanding recognition and better conversion opportunities.

What is Programmatic Audio?

Programmatic audio advertising includes 30 seconds-long audio tracks that can be placed in interactive audio content
like podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming services. Unlike traditional audio tracks on the radio, this format
applies programmatic buying algorithm which makes ad slot purchasing and insertion automatic.

Audio Formats we support
Companion ads

Banner ads that accompany audio tracks and feature CTA with a brand’s logo. Users can interact with banners while the audio is in progress. Once the track is over, the user’s listening experience redeems automatically.

Skippable ad

These audio tracks can appear as mid or pre-rolls in the various types of audio content. By analogy with video pre- and mid-rolls, skippable audios can be skipped by users that helps to achieve greater loyalty to the brand.

Podcast audio ads

Podcasts are wrapped around a variety of topics, that’s why they help to establish brand’s authority and expertise in the subject.
The links posted in the podcast directories allow drawing additional traffic to the website.

Rewarded audios

Format designed to complement the mobile in-game experience. Just like rewarded video, the audio format provides user with an in-game bonus for listening ad content but without visual component and with no distraction from the game.

Unique Advantages of Audio Ad Formats
Benefits for Advertisers
  • No more ad blockers - no more lost impression, the revenues will grow higher.
  • One of the highest levels of CPM - around $9.
  • Audio ad is not dependant on size or resolution, it doesn’t glitch so that you don’t need to worry about user experience.
  • Low cost per user acquisition in a relatively costly mobile environment.
  • Non-intrusive rewarded in-game experience doesn’t affect the game progress and improves users in-app retention.
  • Easy to launch. With API and audio SDK designed specifically for audio, integration is a matter of minutes.
Benefits for Publishers
  • A large, rapidly growing tech-savvy audience.
  • High level of engagement and loyalty.
  • Compatibility with interactive features (static banners).
  • ‘Advertise on the go’ approach lets you address customers even when they don’t look at the screens.
  • Audio ads are served one at a time, freeing the brand from display-typical competition for user attention.
  • Lesser display experience - lesser reliance on user cookies. This means more human-based and GDPR-friendly environment.
Why Push Campaigns benefit with AceEx?

Our proprietary audio technology is based on the latest IAB VAST protocol and seamless
integration solutions. AceEx API or specially designed audio SDK can integrate with virtually
any SSP. These technologies enable seamless rendering of your audio commercials in the
playlists, podcasts, in radio ad breaks, or as mobile rewarded audios.

Reach &

Increased media-trading effectiveness for each audio ad format is enabled by programmatic reach and automation.


The platform allows broadcasting audios to the right audience, at the right screen, time of the day, and according to broadest targeting options.


Additional opportunities granted by combinations of audio ads with other formats (static banners) drastically increase the efficiency of audio campaigns.


Implement omnichannel advertising strategies using traffic suited for all available audio formats across platforms and verticals.

Reach targeted listeners across immense
Programmatic Ecosystem with AceEx!